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Leadership Indigenous Strategies llc utilizes traditional values to create leadership models which incorporate traditional tribal values with proactive contemporary models.  Melodie is certified through the Native Wellness Institute's model of Youth Leadership.  She also has over a decade of experience creating targeted mentoring programs for Native youth and young adults.  Following the interests of youth, I.S. has begun several leadership opportunites regarding Native American stewardship of land and water.  

Utilzing the inter-tribal concept of Water is Life; Youth Water Summits and prayerful Walks have begun.  One of our collaborative partners wrote the following blog about this work:


I.S. will be collaborating with UA College of Education and Ironwood Tree Experience on a two year project to examine ways to engage Native American boys in Education, Tribal Lifeways and Land Stewardship.  We are grateful to the Agnese Haury Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to thoughtfully approach this topic.
The Gathering of Educators registration is open!  Click under events and sign up for a day of professional development focused on the needs of educators and administrators of schools with high Native American student populations!