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Dr. Lester B. Brown Scholarship

Dr. Lester B. Brown Scholarship

Indigneous Strategies seeks to engage a wide audience of professionals dedicated to learning about traditional knowledge and contemporary best practices in Indian Country.  If you are unable to afford the registation for any of the I.S. Trainings or Conferences, please feel free to apply for a partial or complete fee waiver.

This Scholarship is named after the late Dr. Lester B. Brown, Cherokee professor of Social Work at CSU Long Beach.  Dr. Brown's efforts created an entire generation of Native social workers, educators and activists by acts of kindness and generosity.  Among his many achivements, he helped Native students create a Peer Mentoring Program as well as the Native American Social Work Caucus, which engaged in year-long direct services to urban Indian elders, children and homeless populations.  It was Dr. Brown who introduced us to strength-based assessements and investing in long-term efforts to create change in our community. 

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I.S. will be collaborating with UA College of Education and Ironwood Tree Experience on a two year project to examine ways to engage Native American boys in Education, Tribal Lifeways and Land Stewardship.  We are grateful to the Agnese Haury Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to thoughtfully approach this topic.
The Gathering of Educators registration is open!  Click under events and sign up for a day of professional development focused on the needs of educators and administrators of schools with high Native American student populations!